Karin Tõugu is an architect and part of the b210 curatorial team of TAB 2013 with the topic Recycling Socialism. Karin Tõugu graduated architecture and urban planning from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2010, she has also studied in Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She is one of the founding members of b210 interdiscipinary office for architecture and art. b210 is an office that functions as the core of a network of creatives from various fields. The fluctuating nature of the collective allows to try out different working methods and explore new terrains. The results vary from articles to winning competitions, from workshops to urban installations, from an architecture school for kids to climate-specific bicycle clothing. With the interdiciplinary collective Karin Tõugu has been involved in the urban installation Ping Pong - Friendly Match, that was presented in the annual curators' exhibition of the Estonian Architects Union and Tallinn Planning Guide that explains the local planning system to the cityzens. She has given workshops in the Estonian Academy of Arts and in the Estonian University of Life Siences and also on various topics at the event VabaLinn created by the Tallinn Creative Hub. Together with b210 she has won awards at architecture competitions for the Anne Youth Centre in Tartu, Viljandi Singing Festival Grounds, the design of Seminari Street in Rakvere etc.